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  • Peter Vekilov (University of Houston) "The Elementary Reactions for Incorporation into Crystals"

  • Fabrizia Grepioni (University of Bologna) "Nature inspired crystal engineering: from interactions to applications"

  • Rob Geertman (J&J) "Solvent Selection Strategies"


  • Céline Rougeot (UCB) "Risk Management in te Development of Amorphous Formulations"

  • Simon Kuhn (KUL, Leuven) "Continuous crystallization in microreactors"

  • Adrian Flood (VISTEC, Thailand) "Prediction of the cocrystal solubility line without the use of experimental cocrystal solubility data"

  • Mihaela Pop - Coca Lordache (TeraCrystal) "Solid form screening enhanced by advanced tools for characterization of pharmaceutical compounds"

  • Stéphane Veesler (CINAM, Marseille) "Droplet-based Crystallization"

  • Marcus Neumann (AMS) "Detecting and Avoiding Disappearing Polymorph Cases by Crystal Structure Prediction"

  • Valérie Dupray (University of Rouen-Normandie) "Nonlinear Optics: A powerful tool for the characterization of organic crystallized compounds"

  • Jim Lutsko (ULB) "Simulation of impurity-induced step bunching"


  • Ma Cai (University of Leeds): “understanding the impact of crystal chemistry on the comparative crystallisation of entacapone polymorphic forms and their directed nucleation on gold templates”

  • Gomez Perez (NanoMegas) : “high angle liquid cell tem tomography for in situ observation and 3d reconstruction from lp-tem”

  • Huan Shen (Tianjin University): “effect of nanoscale confinement by cyclodextrin on manipulating crystal growth and polymorphism”

  • Brandel Clément (University of Rouen): “comparative study of two related chiral co-crystals: crystallization behaviors, crystal structures and preferential crystallization”

  • Correia Natalia (Univ Lille): “carbamazepine/tartaric acid ordered and disordered cocrystalline forms: when stoichiometry and synthesis method matter”

  • Elias Vlieg (Radboud University): “artificial neural networks for co-crystal prediction”

  • Zhang Keke (Tianjin University): “study on mechanical properties of coumarin polymorphs: elasticity and plasticity”

  • Kevin Roberts (University of Leeds): “molecular, solid-state and surface structures of the conformational polymorphic forms of ritonavir in relation to their physicochemical properties”

  • Kersaudy Romain (University of Lyon): “use of multivariate statistical approach for monitoring crystallizations by spatially resolved spectroscopy”

  • Vancleef Arne (KU Leuven): “development of continuous crystallization processes”

  • Shemchuk Oleksii (UCLouvain): “innovative pathways to chiral resolution using cocrystallization tools”

  • Oketani Ruysei (Osaka University): “order-disorder phase transition between high- and low-<i>z'</i> crystal structures of <i>n,c</i>-protected dipeptide”

  • Deck Leif-Thore (ETH): “investigating the role of stochastic ice nucleation in the freezing process of biopharmaceuticals”

  • Cedeno Ruel (CINAM): “microfluidic approach for quantifying nucleation kinetcs”

  • Geerts Yves (ULB): “crystallization under defined non-equilibrium conditions”

  • Mettler Marie (Secoya Technologies): “high throughput single crystal formation in core-shell capsules”

  • Liu Guangfeng (ULB): ”directional crystallization from the melt of semiconductor blend”

  • Coquerel Gerard (University of Rouen): “transfer of chirality between a sulfoxide and its corresponding prochiral sulfone”


The online version of the book of abstracts is accessible under this link.

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